What every woman should carry in their handbag

So, you’ve just purchased a fresh, trendy, brand new handbag. But, it’s feeling slightly empty. Below, we’ve pulled together a list of handbag essentials that should accompany you at all times!


  1. Tissues: A must! Even if you’re not sick or have a runny nose, more often than not you will need a tissue for a separate reason. So we recommend keeping a small packet of tissues at the bottom of your bag, for what ever reason you will need them!


  1. A Travel Sewing Kit: While this may sound slightly unnecessary – it really isn’t. You or your friend may fall into a wardrobe malfunction when out and about, or at a party – all of a sudden a little sewing kit becomes your best friend. A button has popped off your pants? The travel sewing kit has got your backside (literally). Say no more.


  1. A Compact Mirror: Keyword here? Compact. This cute and practical mirror is small, convenient and perfect to keep in your handbag. You can touch up on the go, assure yourself there’s no food stuck in your teeth, or lipstick for that matter! A palm sized life-saver.


  1. Lip Balm: Another vital item to keep in your handbag. Some days we are in such a rush and don’t have time to put lip balm or lipstick on at home, and there’s nothing worse than the feeling of dry lips. Keep your lips moistened, lush and most importantly, kissable, at all times!


  1. A Coin Purse: With the constant and growing use of, ‘tap and go’, coins these days are more disregarded than ever. But they really shouldn’t be – think about the times when you have to pay for parking, or when you’re craving a snack from a vending machine. Even paying for a coffee with loose change sometimes feels like you’re not paying for one at all! This is why a coin purse is so handy – a trusty little wallet to hold all your coins in the one place.


Add in your phone, wallet, sunglasses and keys – you are good to go.