Holiday Essentials

We’ve finally arrived at that time of year again when many of us are preparing for our summer travels or exciting holiday destinations. We want to make packing for the break as seamless as possible, so here are our top-pick travel items for the most organized holiday ever!

  1. Cosmetic Bag – The ideal cosmetic bag for all your beauty needs. With two zipper pockets in the same direction, this bag can also be hung open from a door/hook and all your products will remain upright. Practical and versatile? Tick, tick.

  1. Shower Cap – Because it’s unnecessary (and some say unhealthy!) to wash your hair every day. This little goodie comes in a range of designs and will easily fit into your cosmetic bag.

  1. A Jewellery Travel Case – On special nights out, you’ll probably want to wear your favourite necklace or pair of earrings. But travelling with jewellery can be tricky, as it can get lost easily. Our jewellery travel cases are cute, compact and practical. The small size makes it perfect for transit and will keep your jewellery items safe and secure.

  1. Foldable hat – not only will you be protecting your skin, you will be right on trend with a fabulous hat to complete your daily look for the day.

  1. Swimsuit Sack – When travelling from destination to destination, sometimes there’s just no time to dry your bathers… So why not chuck it in a swimsuit sack, so it doesn’t get everything else wet in your bag.

6.  Fringed towel – made from 100% cotton, this light weight towel is perfect for not only the beach, or to lounge by the pool,    but also doubles as a throw, to keep you snug and comfortable while flying from destination to destination.

The best (and fun!) part about these products, is that you can choose to mix and match.

So if you’re missing any of these essential items, head to wicked sista and purchase them before you take off – you’ll thank us later!