Be original with wicked sista’s Kris Kringle ideas

So, you’ve been asked to spend under $20 on a Kris Kringle gift for a work colleague, friend or family member.


You want to purchase something original; something they would not ordinarily buy for themself and something that will put a smile on their face.


Finding a great present with such a low budget can be a real struggle these days, BUT wickëd sista has you covered. With so many fun and affordable items fit for all personalities and lifestlyes, your only issue will be what to choose and who for!


Let’s start with the person who’s obsessed takes pride in their appearance. A compact mirror is the perfect gift which can be tossed into their handbag or their back pocket, so they can touch up anywhere at anytime.


What about a colourful shower cap for that friend who has a weekly blow wave and is paranoid about getting her hair wet in the shower?

Don’t forget about that Travelaholic who jumps on a plane at any opportunity…a tropical travel eye mask, to ensure they get their beauty sleep in transit, is definitely the way to go.


Are you sick of your friend biting their nails in public? Purchase them a manicure set so they will be encouraged to keep their nails clean, neat and buff. Their nails will be looking so good that they’ll want to shop that awful habit.

For the accessory obsessed who likes a bit of ‘bling’ or sparkle – why not a diamante necklace or bracelet?

We all have that quirky friend who tries to be ultra, ‘cool’ but just can’t hit the mark; a pair of unicorn or popcorn socks will definitely get them over the line!

Finally, for the hypochondriac who seems to always have some kind of aliment – you can’t go past a hot water bottle or a re-usable ice pack.

wickëd sista is the one stop shop to put a smile on someone’s dial this Christmas!


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